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Béjwl conceptualizes unique pieces of jewellery for each and every client. We draw inspiration from Nature and the beauty of precious gems to create one-of-a-kind design that is feminine and modern. Our bespoke jewellery collection is of the highest craftsmanship paired with the finest diamonds, precious stones(Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds), or Semiprecious stones to create that unique piece that one can ever desire. All our bespoke pieces are made of 18K black, green, pink, white, yellow gold and platinum.


Bejwl is committed to offering the most exquisite stones and
finest quality diamonds to our clients. However, the true value of a diamond
lies above all in the emotional strength it carries within it when it becomes
a gift and a vow of eternal love between two souls. The contemporary local jeweler at
Mandarin Gallery, Bejwl has never ceased to embody dreams of happiness and love with exceptional and creative gems and jewels. Today, Bejwl continue to sparkle in
the blaze of diamonds. Bejwl, the eternal jeweler of style with passion.


The diamond experts at Bejwl select each diamond with the utmost care.
The four criteria for selection, named the “4Cs” (cut, color, carat, clarity)
are used to judge the quality of Bejwl stones.
Moreover, Bejwl offers diamonds which are sparkling and luminous.
Every diamond is unique, like its wearer, each center stone in the Bejwl Bridal collection
that is over 0.30 carats is certified by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and an individual certificate number engraved on the stone.


Diamond is outstanding in its rareness and exceptional sparkle. It symbolises purity, perfection and eternal love. The final criterion is defined by the four major “4C” criteria: these play an essential role in measuring the quality of the gemstone.

The 4 Cs according to Bejwl

A diamond’s cut is chosen according to its original shape, dimensions and inclusions.
It is also corresponds to the balance of its proportions and angles, so that its flat
and polished facets are inclined at the best possible angle to reflect the light
and give the stone its maximum sparkle and brilliance.

Each stone is unique and characterised by its degree of clarity. Clarity defines the capacity of light to shine through a stone without any impediment or obstacle. To evaluate a diamond’s clarity, one has to define the number and position of the stone’s inclusions. A diamond's clarity is determined by the number, size and position of inclusions (impurities) that it presents.

The color of a diamond is measured by the international grading system of GIA (Gemological Institute of America), which has a colour-grading scale which begins at D (perfectly colourless diamond) and continues to Z (diamond of a " tinted white " or " light yellow ").

The standard unit of measurement for the weight
of a diamond is the carat. One carat is worth 0.2 grams.
The carat weight indicates the size of the stone but cannot be used alone
to give a stone’s value. The weight, combined with the three other ""Cs"" of the
GIA classification, determines a diamond's value.
The greater a diamond's weight, the more valuable
and rarer it is.


Bejwl provides an in-house certificate of authenticity for all diamonds and
coloured gems that weigh over 0.20 carats; each one is unique and numbered.
Diamonds that weigh over 0.30 carats (Bridal collection) have their own certificate,
delivered by gemological laboratories such as the GIA (Gemological Institute of America).
This certificate acts as the diamond’s identity card: all of the stone’s characteristics,
such as its weight, its cut or its provenance are stated on it.
Both of these certificates must be carefully stored a way, particularly
the second one as neither our boutique nor the GIA keep copies of it.



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