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Our Maison

Founded in 1960s, it all began when my grandfather discovered the trade and art of jewelry making in its early years in Hong Kong. Now in its third generation, this family business continues to emphasise on its passion to create and attention to details made in every perfect handcrafted jewelry.

From the creation of diamonds and gemstones to its finishing touches, each piece in store is a myriad of heritage and sophistication. Every Jewel has a soul, and adorning each piece is simply a way of keeping memories alive.

Our Story

Jewellery designer and brand director, Tiffany Poon lives her life with an unique artistic flair. She graduated from RMIT as a trained graphic designer. She has been researching and designing the art of jewellery and design with a strong belief that "design is culture, culture is design". Her passion for fine jewellery knows no bounds and she has transformed that passion and inspiration into her creations. Her distinctive designs feature exquisite craftsmanship and has high focus on quality gemstones. The company's exclusive client portfolio includes an extensive array of private collectors, industry experts, celebrities and high profile socialites from around the world who seek highly desirable jewellery that is unique yet unpretentious.

Her philosophy in her design reflects an unparalleled lifestyle and individuality of her customers. Her works infuses a carefully thought process of creating something extraordinary into a dream experience.

Our Boutique

Since 2009, located at Mandarin Gallery, Bejwl is a chic lifestyle Fine Jewellery boutique adorned during the Art Deco period.

Our extensive collection of classic and contemporary designs blends art and luxury, providing an exquisite selection suitable for young ones, ladies and gentlemen.

Each jewellery in store is sourced from top quality diamonds, precious and semi- precious stones. Indeed a true nature of splendour and opulence.



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